- 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na , 'Krish'na 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma , 'Raa'ma 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Jai'ya 'Sh'ree 'Krish'na 'Chai'ton'ya! 'P'rub'hou-'Nit'yaa'nun'da! 'Sh'ree 'Ud'd'v'wai'ta! -

- 'Jai'ya 'Gud'dud'ha'ra! 'Sh'ree'v'va's'adi! 'Jai'ya 'Gau'ra 'B'huck'ta 'V''rin'da! -

- 'ree'tay, 'ree'thung ,'yut 'p'ra'tee'yay'ta, 'na 'p'ra'tee'yay'ta, 'chut'mon'ni; 'tud 'vid'yud 'aa't'ma'no 'maa'yaa'mng,'ya'thaa'b'haa'soe, 'yaa'thaa 'tum'ma'ha -


- "Whatever appears to be of any value, if it is without relation to Me, has no reality... Ref.'Sh'ri 'Krish'na -

- Technology/innovation meets 'B'huck'ti 'Shuck'ti! 'Jai! 'Gau'ra-'Ha'ri'boal! =>:-D -

- "Books are the basis, preaching is the essense, purity is the force, and utility is the principle." -

- Click the "Sh'ou'ka'gent/'B'huck'ta'gent" image (below) to get the "Win32" coded "'Sh'ou'ka'gent/'B'huck'ta'gent" application... -

- ...which uses the "L&H (32-bit) TruVoice American English TTS" engine (and "espeak") technology for reading digital documents... -

- Site is a personal (co-operative) project, for propagating transcendental sound vibrations... (and "utilizing"/"purifying" technology/"life". -

- Note: As is said, "God ('Go'vin'da) is great" (and fully spiritual) indeed! "Seek ye first the Lord's abode!" Serve (don't "perve")! =>:-| -

- ...using the online 'Son's'krit pronunciation guide (the "language of love"), and with an American-English (pref.) TTS engine. -

- Users of other systems may need to adapt 'B'huck'ta'ji's "cutting edge" work for adequate ("phonetic") pronunciation... -

- Promote: That there are (absolutely) nil/no "hard-and-fast" rules/restrictions with chanting the 'ma-'haa-'mon'tra. =>:-D -

- Note: To get 'Pee'dy working with Windows7 hotfix... replace merlin.acs with Peedy.acs (renamed)... (it works)! =>:-P -

- Personally beware of "Artificial Intelligence" (prefer "'jai" @ 'Ai'n'd'ra, with real/transcendental intelligence;)... =>:-D -

- Note: That the software "apps" should operate/function on (Win32) Window$ Vi$ta... (expect upgrades)... =>:-$ -

- Reminder: Computers can chant... (dogs can't). Dogs can (at best) "woof" 'p'rus'saa'dum!!! 'Ha'ri'boal! =>:-P -

- This work is a (personal) offering to all online (esp. 'Iss'k'c'on 'gou'rou) "'Krish'na conscious" devotees... -

- Promote: Perfection is only found in devotional service (in 'Krish'na conscious spiritual life). =>:-D -

- Gratitude is ever extended to all participants in eternal (devotional) service to 'Go'vin'da... -

- Important Note: It's not crazy to hear voices! It just means ya are NOT deaf! Ref. ISKCON -

- Note: Peedy/'Shou'ka'gent creates the \msagent directory in Windows7 (32bit)... =>:-D -

- Promote: "Purge the soul... Make (eternal) love your goal!" Ref: ACBSP/ISKCON =>:-$ -

- Quote: "I'll take your head and use it as a booster seat!" Ref: Cyber-the-'Bot =>:-# -

- Problems/issues can always depend on 24/7 online 'Go'vin'da... Jai! -

- 'Goe'loe'k'ear'a 'p'rem'a 'd'haa'n', 'Ha'ri'naa'm' 'sunk'ear'-'ton'! -

- Thanks (in advance) for all help (and divine blessings). -

- Promote: Temples are opportunities for service. =>:-$ -

- Note: Better to be a "'Ja'pa-'bot" than a 'chat'ter-'bot! -

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- SAPI5 (American English) compatible. -

- 'Vu'jj'ra'naa'bb'h' 'key 'jai! -

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Quote: "'Sh'ou'ka'gent, a freeware transcender, is being maintained by its user voluntarily since 3000BC. The author lives in ISKCON where software developers and their work are not well received. In order to survive the software in the volatile software environment there, the author has to spend some time in other business in order to make a good living. Meanwhile, as the software covers a wide range of transcending applications, it may have some incomplete features from time to time. Please give your patience and show your support to let it get better. Currently the software is mainly supported by user donations and web site ads." Can be installed on Linux and Mac's using Wine/Darwine Windows program loader! 'Ha'ri'boal!

(Ref. Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech "Readme")

'Gau'run'ga 'Ha'ri'boal 'Shou'ka'gent!

"By the Grace of 'Krish'na and the Spiritual Master, the dumb man can speak like a great orator, and a lame man can cross over a great mountain."

Letter to: 'Sutt's'va'rou'p' : 68-09-27 - Seattle - (c) 1991 by 'B'huck'ti'vey'don'ta Book Trust

'Ha'ri'boal! =>:-)

- 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na , 'Krish'na 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -


- 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma , 'Raa'ma 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na , 'Krish'na 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma , 'Raa'ma 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Krish'na , 'Krish'na 'Krish'na 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

- 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Raa'ma , 'Raa'ma 'Raa'ma 'Ha-'rey 'Ha-'rey -

('Ha-'rey 'Krish'na!)